Humanitarian inflatable tent

Nomad and ultra-fast to set up, our inflatable tents can be used as first-aid post (emergency hospital, advanced medical post), for the temporary storage of equipment or for the military use.

ULTRA FAST SET-UP : thanks to its valve with compressed air, our inflatable tents can be inflated within 2 min by various first-aid workers: fire brigades, Red Cross, servicemen, doctors, etc.

WEIGHT and DIMENSIONS : our models are lighter to transport than the rival models made of PVC (generally 50% heavier and more cumbersome)

SOLIDITY : inspired bu the nautical industry, the manufacturing of the inflatable tents GYBE ® guarantees durability, reliability and an excellent weather resistance.

GUARANTEE : all our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 year. Beyound this, we insure an after-sales service.




Inspired by the nautical industry, the arched roof of our inflatable tents enables an excellent stability in our structures. With its structure filled with air and without any stiff element, our inflatable Humanity tent GYBE ® offers very fast intervention capability in case of emergency.

Minimum weight (from 16 kg) and volume reduced (backpack). Without stiff elements, the tent is installed and packed away in a few minutes – by a single person.

Assembly: as Lego, the panels of fusion allow to put together several tents to quickly adapt the installation to your needs in case of emergency.

Materials top of the range: principal element used in the nautical industry, Dacron offers an excellent UV resistance, abrasion resistance and to the repeated foldings: it is outstandingly long-lasting. These qualities, associated with its moderate cost, make one of the fibers the most used in sail-loft. As for the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), we find it in products as inflatable boats, ski boots or even cars.

tente gonflable