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10 min

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Wind Resistant

Wind-force 5


1 year warrantee

Our difference compared with the other models of rival tents:

PRICE : limiting the number of intermediaries to the production unit, we can reduce significantly the final cost of the product returned in France. From 1,600 eur ht.

WEIGHT and DIMENSIONS : our models are lighter to transport than the rival models made of PVC (generally  30 to 50% heavier and more cumbersome)

GUARANTEE : all our products are guaranteed 1 year against the manufacturing defects. Beyond, we insure customer care to all our resellers worlwide.

DESIGN : our leitmotiv and the common point with all other inflatable products of our range is : Design. Our inflatable tents were drawn by Ralf Grösel (RGD) he brings his long experience of extreme sports to the technical and esthetic development of the inflatable tents. The impact of the design on the quality of our inflatable products is remarkable in the high end-finishing of the seams, the cloth remains firm and tense while it is used, we use long-lasting and reliable valves similar to the marine industry.

Our inflatable tents and inflatable furniture can be used wherever you are from indoor to outdoor : roadshows, fairs, sport events, product launch, conference, evenings, pop-up stores, short-lived material storage, nomadic shelter, etc. …