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FUGU offers you a complete panoply of inflatable furniture, discover our collection of inflatable furniture that is customizable, crystal and luminous. Our pack includes these three products: the inflatable Maki table, the inflatable sofa Brick, and the inflatable armchair Cubrick.

Designer: Victor BOËDA

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Customize your inflatable furniture to reflect your brand. Differentiate yourself from “déjà vu” products by personalizing your products and simplifying your life at future events !

Thanks to the sublimation, the possibilities of personalization of the FUGU® inflatable furniture are endless: large logos, patterns, images on the whole surface of our products. Our sublimated polyester covers are made to measure for each customer within 15 days.

We offer a free 3D simulation service allowing our customers to visualize their models before purchase, allowing them an optimal rendering and quality of service.


CRYSTAL is the name of our range of FUGU transparent inflatable furniture. Made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), the FUGU crystal furniture guarantees solidity and a blinding transparency design.

Our range of Cristal furniture has seduced the biggest brands like Nike during its Nike Air Max ball on the roof of the famous Center Georges Pomidou in 2013.

Combine our range of transparent furniture with LED projection spots and you will get a cocktail of lights and reflections that will mark your evening and illuminate your audience!

What uses?

On stage: Crystallize your audience and your guests with transparent inflatable furniture that will surprise and give a light, modern and futuristic look to your layout. References: Pfizer, Conference tourism, Eurosima Surf Summit
Outdoors: for trendy and offbeat events allowing you to play with night lights. The transparent inflatable give a fun and playful touch to your audience. And for your evenings JetSet, why not arrange the inflatable furniture by the pool … References: Brand Haute couture (Milan show), Nike.
Indoor: for nomadic design & design. The transparency of the furniture gives a lightness and gives visual space to your layout.


Discover the FUGU® Inflatable Luminous Furniture: multi-color and remotely controllable. Decline our products and add the light option to extend your visibility by illuminating your furniture in the evening. Our luminous furniture range is equipped with an induction rechargeable battery and an RGB remote control that allows you to change the color of your multicolor luminous furniture according to your moods and desires! Turn your inflatable coffee table into a trendy product and your image.

Inflatable Luminous Furniture: Simple to carry, Quick to assemble, Fun and Bright !