ANALYTIX®: Measure the performance of your events!

Want to know what’s happening at your events, road shows, pop-up store, street-marketing operations and monitor their performance over time.

Discover Analytics real world!

Measure your performance and Tailor your live events: measure the uptake rate, number of visitors per site, identify the « heatmap » / path of your audience at your event / pop-up store, measure the quality of reception ! Compare your performance during a roadshow event or a large-scale operation on plisseurs dates / locations.

Geomarketing: offer your customers new experiences and loyalty-at your events.

– Targeted Marketing and contextualized in point of sale ephemeral! Push promotional messages at your event of sale when your audience walks past a store front or a product of your shop / pop-up store / business event.

Tableau de bord Analytix FUGU


– Professionals of the Event & Communication,

– The Retail professionals,

– Any advertiser / brand wishing to interact with their customers in their marketing and communication operations , measure the performance of their operations off-line and improve their ROI !


Dreaming to prove to your customers the efficiency of your offline event operations through costed ? You want to offer your participants to new experiences new animations ? Looking to make yourself indispensable to your customers by becoming a data provider ? You want better control an off-line event with key measures?

BLUETOOTH (Beacon) vs WiFi (Analytix)

The Beacon (literally beacon English) software to deliver location-based messages, it works with Bluetooth technology. The Beacon is a technology that can be reacted application when a smartphone that activated the Bluetooth passes proximité.Avec Analytix, we have chosen to use WiFi technology for multiple reasons:

1 / Reach & Reliability of data: The reach of customers is significantly higher with our tool using the Wifi technologist. The number of people affected and identified during the events is 55% beyond reach of an average of 0.5% via Bluetooth. Therefore statistics are representative and much more reliable compared to the beacons (see the explanatory diagram below).

2 / Price: Unlike the beacon, the Analytix technology does not require development and / or settings long and tedious. This is a Plug & Play technology fast and simple to use with a simple box.

3 / Security: Our tool is secure and reliable. Conversely, the Beacons tags can be easily pirated.