Inflatable Tent – Star Lounge

The advantages of Tents Inflatables Star Lounge

COMPACT : Take 127 m2 tent in a small bag ( still smaller than a paragliding backpack) .

FOR MONEY REPORT : We specialize in air quality with particular care given to the finishing of our products , ease of use while offering affordable prices on the market.

BRIGHT : Thanks to its LED system , illuminate your event on the central pillar and differentiate yourself with quality and innovative products .

POSITIONING & COMPETITION : Unlike many competing products on the market , we do not want to work or sourcing our products on Alibaba , which offers a multitude of products with photos and very attractive prices . We believe that a well-designed product and a long term relationship does not pass through the Alibaba jungle and a lot of surprises and mishaps.


How does the Inflatable Tent Starlounge ?

The main fabric of the tent is designed star-shaped .

The central pillar is made of a high-pressure inflatable membrane to provide rigidity and maintenance of overhead structure . Each end is attached after pegs to the ground.

Pillar Inflatable ensures low storage space , ease of use and also helps to illuminate your evenings when the sun hides the good of his nose ! A 2015 innovation in the industry , our products are inflatable tent Star Lougne alone can quickly and easily light up your evenings with an assurance of quality and high-end finishes for durability in the use of our products.